Welcome to my portfolio! I'm Rishan, a Computer Science graduate with a strong passion for technology, mathematics, and creative problem-solving. From early childhood, my curiosity has led me through a journey of puzzles, DIY projects, and now, complex technological challenges.

My Journey

My academic pursuit at the University of East Anglia has not only honed my theoretical knowledge but also allowed me to immerse myself in practical applications. I have a particular affinity for programming and have developed a strong proficiency in languages such as C, C++, and Python, with C++ being the first language I mastered.

During my university years, I undertook several projects that involved using C++ with OpenGL for game development, which included a 2D platformer, a 3D drone simulator, and a final year project on GPU-accelerated rendering of smoke. These experiences deepened my interest in game physics and engine logic, perfectly marrying my love for mathematics with technology.

I also explored Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, using Prolog and Java to learn about perceptron classifiers and ensembles

Interests and Achievements

Beyond the screen, I am a musician at heart, having achieved Grade 5 in both Piano and Drum Kit. My hobbies include cycling, basketball, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

I am also an avid learner, constantly keeping myself updated with the latest in technology and working on personal projects to sharpen my skills. Currently, I am delving into Xamarin for app development, Qt for Windows desktop applications, and exploring the capabilities of NuxtJS for web development.

Educational Highlights


University of East Anglia


BSc Computer Science

Notable Projects:

For my final year project, I focused on realistic GPU-accelerated rendering of smoke, exploring CUDA and the shader pipeline. This project was a deep dive into the efficiency of GPUs, particle systems, and the varying requirements of game versus movie production in rendering effects.

A Glimpse into the Future

My interests are diverse, ranging from AI and machine learning to graphics/game development. I am particularly fascinated by the potential of Unreal Engine in game development and the intriguing possibilities in quantum computing. With my strong foundation in mathematics, I find the physics aspects of game engines particularly compelling.

Let's Connect

If my journey resonates with you or if you have any opportunities that align with my skills and passions, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact me via the form on the Contact Me page or directly at my email


Looking forward to exploring collaborative possibilities and contributing to innovative projects.

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